flexiPAK classic eco

The environmentally friendly block bottom bags made from gras paper

An innovative idea is currently sweeping through the paper industry: Paper from a quick-growing raw material - grass!Discover our aroFOL® and flexiPAK mailing pouches, now also made from grass paper - a particularly resource-conserving and environmentally friendly material with unique colouring, haptics and smell. Of course, there is also a great variety of printing and product options available with this variant.

Product Feature

  • resource-conserving gras paper
  • Block bottom and side-gusset
  • Flap with wide self-adhesive closure with paper release liner
  • Low weight
  • Printing with water-based paints

Send your goods in our environmentally friendly flexiPAK classic eco and leave a lasting impression on your customers.

Product enquiry
Item number External dimension in mm (Width x Gusset x Lenght + Flap) Description pcs / box pcs / pallet Remember
2FVMF001201 190x50x300+50 Gras paper, with self-adhesive flap 500 10.000
2FVMF001202 250x50x353+50 Gras paper, with self-adhesive flap 250 5.000
2FVMF001203 260x70x410+50 Gras paper, with self-adhesive flap 300 6.000
2FVMF001204 300x80x430+50 Gras paper, with self-adhesive flap 200 4.000

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