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The alternative to cardboard boxes


Our environmentally friendly block bottom bags with self-adhesive flap (peel & seal) made of 100% paper is perfect for sending voluminous goods due to the side gussets and block bottom and thus offer the lightweight alternative to cardboard boxes. The adhesive tape with paper release liner allows an optimal packaging process, thus this paper mailing bag is as good as our PE bag. We always have stock of four standard products from standard climate neutral production.

Product Features

  • High-quality resistant brown kraft paper
  • Block bottom and side-gusset
  • Unprinted
  • Flap with wide self-adhesive closure with paper release liner
  • Serrated cut at the bag opening - minimises the risk of injury by sharp cutting edges
  • Low weight

Use with our block bottom bags with flap and self-adhesive permanent seal a flexible packaging solution and protect the environment whilst shipping your voluminous items.

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flexiPAK classic Specials

Product enquiry
Item number External dimension in mm (Widht x Gusset x Lenght + Flap) Description pcs / box pcs / pallet Remember
2FVMF000899 190x50x300+50 Kraft paper brown, with self-adhesive flap 500 10,000
2FVMF001119 260x70x410+50 Kraft paper brown, with self-adhesive flap 300 6,000
2FVMF001150 300x80x430+50 Kraft paper brown, with self-adhesive flap 200 4,000
2FVMF001092 250x50x353+50 Kraft paper brown, with self-adhesive flap 250 5,000
2FVMF151150 300x80x430+110 Kraft paper brown, with double-fix-closure for returns 200 4,000