docuCARE® med Standard

The leak-proof security bag

These leak-proof sample pouch made of PE-LD film can be used in the medical and pharmaceutical area for the transport of laboratory samples or cytostatic. They are suitable as secondary packaging for biological substances, category B (UN 3373) according to the ADR and packaging instruction PI650.
This option is currently available from stock in 2 sizes and produced climate-neutral as standard. In addition, we are happy to supply the matching absorption material.

Product Features

  • Blue security tape 45 mm with hidden text "ILLEGAL ENTRY" multilingual ("ISEGA" approved)
  • Leak-proof (confirmation by BAM)
  • Recyclable transparent PE film
  • Extremely durable skirt side-weld
  • Micro text along side-welds (edge printing)
  • Printed UN 3373 number / Biological substances category B
  • Sequential numbering and barcode
  • Absorption material available

Use our leak-proof secondary packaging for the safe transport of your medical samples and also check our offer for tertiary packaging

docuCARE® med Specials

Item number External dimension in mm Internal dimension in mm Thickness in µ pcs / box pcs / pallet Remember
2FSDP400404 165x265 155x255 LDPE transparent 70 µ 500 60,000
2FSDP400739 225x360 215x350 LDPE transparent 70 µ 500 30,000
2FVLI000004 120x180 - Absorbing material 4x250 24,000